Tuesday, November 24, 2009


'GOD' is the word used extensively as a part of faith, belief, and trust in most of the Indian population. This always sends a wave of 'BHAKTI' to many, a ray of hope to hand some, a concrete of faith and trust to few and tremor of fear to least (this is the present scenario). Its the usual Indian family arena, to inculcate the habit of performing basic rituals to GOD and make the child know the existence of 'GOD' in this world, until it gains its own senses to finally ask its elders 'where is GOD?'. This puts the parents and elders in dilemma so as to prove, the child, about the existence of, so called myth (to the child till it gets the answer) 'GOD'.

According to me there can be NO better replacement to GOD other than ones PARENTS' which can end the journey to find answer to the previously laid question 'where is GOD?'.

From the day I have gained my senses (probably at an age of 6yrs???) and known about my existence on this planet till my teenage, I blindly did whatever my parents insisted me upon. I was a very sincere, shy and honest child (according to the feedback from teachers and well-wishers..others strictly ruled out) which of course was the quality imbibed in me by my parents. The violation to all these qualities comes when you land in a fairyland called as 'TEENAGE'. One tries to get detached from all the characters stuck to his/her image and take a command over the actions. But, I feel a ripple of pleasure to tell that I showed a perseverance against such changes in my qualities. Now, looking back in 25 years of my age, I feel satisfied to have overcome such violations which then couldn't have had quenched me of my thirst to find the answer to the question 'where is GOD?'

Friends, I refer every parents as GODS, as they are the one who give everything to you when you are in utmost need of, unquestionably and unreasonably. They are the one who don't show a single bead of selfishness to you at anytime. They rest their entire life in your well being and what not. There's hardly a time when they cannot think about you. When you were a child they sold off their sleep to you, so that you could rest in their arms and enjoy their warmth. They felt the pain when you shed tears on whatever may be the situation. They themselves found sick when you laid sick on bed. They were twin fold happier when you had smile on your face. It was they who had a profound proud feeling, than anyone else could, as they walked down the streets, when you had achieved something which you found was important. They know exactly what and when you need. They perfectly can sense your likes and dislikes. They are the back bone of your success. Whatever we are now its only because of them.

We go to temples and else where in search of GOD, perform rituals to satisfy the unknown figure 'GOD'. Remember, even GOD thinks twice before giving a VARA to you after having performed a serious devotional act. But its your parents who give away everything before you ask them. We usually tend to forget their sacrifices and to render our sincere heartfelt 'NAMASKAARAAS' to them who have made you capable enough to face this pragmatic world. At the peak of our achievements we often forget to give at least a note to them about their importance in our life . I feel good, that at least I don't do that. At every instance I make them remember about their importance in my life.

Be it whatever, I name them as 'LIVING GODS' in my life.

I LOVE YOU 'PAPA AND MAMMA',.. (i call them pappa n memmeeeeee...... muah!!!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



After a memorable training at MDI-Gurgaon me n my friends planned our footpath to this awesome place. This was not a lightening plan that would have struck our mind in a wink of an eye. This was a pre-planned well structured tour from the very first day of our training tour cart. What training? This might call for another story... I will surely let you people know about this training some time later...
We were all set to go to Amritsar on 9th of August '08. After bidding farewell to our fellow mates at the training, we ran to our rooms in 'NALANDA' (Hostel at MDI) check out any updates about the city, as we had a brink about the forth-coming 61st 'INDEPENDENCE DAY' celebrations which may any time trigger a wave of fear in northern part of India (everyone knows the obvious reason). Well, to tell, it seemed calm and quite all around. We then packed our bags snorred till 16.00hrs...
Hunting for a nice hotel to have a 'pet'full dinner happened to be a nightmare, at the Kashmiri gate ISBT, with no hotels around. We saw a McDonald's outlet and a pathetic conditioned hotel which was just looking like an aftermath of a hurricane. No other go!!! we had to have our dinner in that same pathetic food center.
Please, if anyone is intending to travel to Amritsar from Delhi, I request you not to travel by private buses plying between the two cities. They treat you like a herd of sheep and you will realise it at a later stage after having waited for nearly 2 long hours. We had then come to know the meaning of 'hell'.
We reached Amritsar in a half baked condition, next day at 9.00hrs. Cycle rickshaw-walas will greet to their city in a very good way. I tell you, people, there at Amritsar, are very good by heart. They treat their city as their home and any new comer to the city as their own guest. I personally felt that. We happened to stay in a hotel and the same rickshaw-wala arranged an auto for us, for the entire day to visit all the places of sight seeing, nearby. We saw the beautiful 'GOLDEN TEMPLE' for which the city is famous for, and the massacre place 'JALLIANWALA BAGH' which are at a stone throw distance to each other. 'JALLIANWALA BAGH' is the place where Gen. Dyer ordered his men to fire on the mob who had gathered at this place, which was then a ground of nearly an acre wit a well at the centre. It turned to a havoc then; more than 2000 people lost their lives. A few managed to jump across the tall wall but a larger fraction had to shed their lives. Women jumped to the well (which is now occupied by many houses in the vicinity), along with their born ones. A few resisted but could not withstand the high velocity bullets. All these topics of history studies during our school days and few scenes from the films featuring 'BHAGAT SINGH' (one of the evolutionary heroes...as i call them so) run through our mind in a wink of an eye when moving around this place. One doesn't fall short of sympathising the people's sacrifice or empathising the mob's situation.
Well, after the choking memories of JALLIANWALA BAGH, we headed towards 'THE GOLDEN TEMPLE'. I should tell you, during the normal season, around 2-3lakh people visit this temple as a part their weekend plans and for pilgrimage visits; and to our fortune we had an opportunity to see a mass of that strength!!!.. The place is very awesome, and you indeed feel the holiness and the sanctity of the temple once you touch the holy waters of the temple. You feel great when you have this Golden monument in front of your eyes, which you saw it on your TV sets during special occasions. We fall short of our 2 eyes to view this great temple. Highly dignified people,fro the sikh community, come here not to just to have a visit, but to offer themselves for every task of the temple; be it a task of low cadre like sweeping the temple floor, keeping the shoes of the devotees in the shoe racks etc., to high tasks like managing the temple's issues. I feel, the sikh community is the only one, which keeps MOTHER INDIA a step above ones own mother (as per the sayings which i happened to hear from one of the person giving the sayings of his holy GURU GOBIND SINGH). This might be the reason for having atleast one person from every sikh family in the defence forces of our country. HATS OFF TO SUCH PEOPLE AND THEIR MOTHERS.
We also tasted the 'lizzatdaar' Lassie, which happens to be one of the tastiest drinks of Punjab. Heart taken scene at the Temple was, a six year old girl taking our shoes to the shoe rack at the guidance of her mom and a roadside vendor offering us a seat, when we were standing beneath the scorching sun, even when he himself was short of his seat. I can definitely tell you its only for the sake of offering their praying, that these people are doing such jobs. Everyone of them over there is rich in financial aspects as well as rich by heart.
The awesome experience being the parade show at the 'WAGAH BORDER'. The show runs for about a half past an hour, with the 2/3rd being the dance by the spectators for all the patriotic songs and the remaining being the 'parade'. No one should miss this show. Its amazing to see the neighbouring country just at our eye sight.
People dance with full enthusiasm on the melodies of patriotism. The decibel level shoots up to a high, when people peak up their voice to tel 'BOLO BHARAT MATAA KI...JAI', 'VANDE MAATARAM' AND 'HINDUSTHAAN ZINDABAAD'... and traces of 'INQUILAB ZINDABAD' too...!! Even I raised my voice to my fullest extent to have these words reach the other side of the border. The parade is really worth watching. These people (BSF) do it everyday, morning (to raise the tricolor flag) and then in the evening (to descend the same). Believe this; BSF and the Pakisthaani forces do this parade at the same time and its the mirror image what you see on the other side, and to our astonishment these both haven't practised it even a single day!! Isn't that something surprising and great?... You can view the glimpse of the parade in this video...

We then had our journey back the same night by train... (this is the awesome means.. and this time we had a sleep as if we hadn't slept from years together...after a cumbersome journey in bus the previous night)